I Will Write 3 Text Ads For Google Adwords

I Will Write 3 Text Ads For Google Adwords

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**Risk Free! 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not delighted by my work**

More than 2500 Ads Written. Ask for Samples to see my work!

What are Expanded Text Ads (ETA)?

These are new text ad formats from Google. They have 


  • Two headline fields (up to 30 characters each)
  • A single, expanded description field (up to 80 characters)
  • A display URL that uses your final URL's domain
  • Two optional ”Path” fields, used in the ad’s display URL (up to 15 characters each)


  • They offer big real estate in the Search Engine Result Page.
  • They provide good visibility and CTR.
  • Now it's mandatory to have all ads as Expanded text ads.

Order this gig and I'll write thoroughly researched highly converting ETAs for your campaigns that will skyrocket your CTR.

I don't work for adult niche. Sorry!

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