I Will Convert Pdf To Powerpoint Slides In PPT Or Pptx Format

I Will Convert Pdf To Powerpoint Slides In PPT Or Pptx Format

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1 PDF 15 PAGES PDF TO POWERPOINTI will convert pdf to powerpoint i.e. convert pdf to PPT upto 15 pages or slides.


Delivery Time: 2 Days


You need someone to convert pdf to powerpoint PPT slides / powerpoint presentation,editable ms word document or to excel or RTF or image JPG/JPEG/PNG/PSD or audio?

I will:
1. Convert PDF to word : Microsoft word document ( .doc or .docx )

2. Convert PDF to powerpoint : Microsoft powerpoint PPT or PPTX  (windows & mac supported)

3. Convert PDF to Excel: Microsoft Excel document (.xls or .xlsx )

4. Convert pdf to Images JPG or JPEG or PNG or PSD, audio voice 

5.  Convert Word to PPT / DOC to PPT  / Convert Word to Powerpoint / DOC to PowerPoint

Extras: Convert to multiple file format from one file (e.g. P D F to PPT and  DOC ; or P D F to PowerPoint and image etc.) and ReDesign PowerPoint Exclusive on


Scanned file document is not acceptable to convert to editable word document or editable powerpoint PPT slide presentation,


***ORDER NOW***** (Please INBOX if  P.D.F file contains more than 35 or less 15 pages, I will send custom offer according to page no.)

Still have any questions or discussion? INBOX ME

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